Trip in Venice

On the 20th of February 2020 my class and the 2BT class of the Mosè Bianchi school went on a trip to Venice. This was our first and last experience related to the Travel Manager project before the outbreak of the pandemic, since then we have only been able to do some theoretical exercises, but, of course, any travel experience is suspended.
As required by the "Travel Manager" methodology, the project kept us busy for a few weeks while we studied the territory and worked on the preparation required to lead the group. It was therefore our first taste of the world of tourist guides and all that it entailed.
Working in pairs we had to lead our classmates through different Venetian sites, and prepare some brief presentations about these sites.
It was very interesting to begin to understand what it means to be a tour guide. It also helped us students learn how to expose in a formal, engaging and clear way and allowed us to face the responsibility of leading a group.
Since the beginning of the trip, some of my classmates took on the role of proper guides, checking if any of the group members had gotten lost and providing information on various aspects of the city of Venice, such as the Mose project and the carnival. Once we arrived in the city we followed the itinerary that we had previously planned. It was very engaging, especially the experience of trying to orient yourself in a city you don’t know.
I think my classmates have been able to identify themselves very well in the role, without getting lost and providing interesting information about the various monuments. Our class has remained satisfied and interested in the project, as it has allowed us to acquire more confidence in the field of tourism.

written by Arata Arianna



Fri, 16 Apr, 2021
Marianne Campusano