The Travel Manager Project has a new logo!

A year and a half after the creation of the previous one, we felt the need to change our logo. The elements of the logo emphasize the values of the project and they are still the same ones that inspired the great Dennis Rivera. 

The new logo, created by Valeria Schiavetto, is better suited for the project’s new international contexts which the TM project recently moved towards. We therefore have an innovative, minimalist, eye-catching… and multifunctional logo! It can in fact be used both in black and white and with colors, better fitting itself in photos, videos and in the future on bags and shirts!

These are Valeria’s thoughts:

“For the Travel Manager logo I decided to only use the initials “TM“ giving the pair of letters the shape of a circle as if they were a globe. Beneath the initials there’s a paper airplane which is flying around the globe leaving a trail.

The paper airplane refers to the school, it is in contrast with its own shadow which resembles a real airplane: the project deals with proper niche tours.

The color of the logo represents Earth’s water and nature while still remaining elegant.”

Sun, 25 Apr, 2021
Raimondo Norberto Giamberduca