Travel Manager: the birth of a new idea!

It was September 2008, and a new Principal asked the teachers to promote new projects.

I had been teaching at a vocational institute for tourism for some years. But mostly I had worked as a support teacher and this had given me an overly broad perspective on the course of study and its limitations. In fact, those kids were learning, at best, to become someone else’s employees in the tourism industry. 

Hence the idea: a transversal, multidisciplinary project that worked on skills, aimed at those who wanted to dedicate energy, time and resources to training and qualify in the world of tourism as managers of the sector.

The proposal was ambitious and the context in which I was operating was perhaps not the best, but I decided to try and delivered the first draft of the project which, among other things, stated: "The project is aimed at students of technical and professional institutes for tourism. It is aimed at young people with strong motivation to develop their future work in tourism, with good adaptability and aptitude for initiative.”

It was born from the idea of training skills now required in a sector of the tourism business that in Italy is still very underdeveloped, namely that of travel (not flights!) " low cost" in areas of great cultural value and growing tourist interest".

The die is cast! But now. . . what do we do? and how? Where are we going? and. . . with who? I suggested Morocco, and. . . . Morocco was! But it wasn't really that easy. . .





Sat, 23 Jan, 2021
Raimondo Norberto Giamberduca