Travel Manager 2009: first test in Morocco

Organizing a Tour in Morocco as the first test for the project was definitely not an “easy start”. But then why Morocco? First of all, it was in the very nature of the proposal to have the children work for the development of “low cost Tours in areas of great cultural value and growing tourist interest”, and my intentions weren’t those to start with a destination that didn’t reflect the true intentions of the project. Also, we needed something to attract the attention of students who are not always used to. . . commitment! Would an Italian destination have motivated students to take afternoon classes and do their homework? I seriously doubt it.

Thanks to Pasquale, a trusty colleague of Physical Education, a group of students was selected as "guinea pig" of the project. 10 students: perfect number for the first test!

They followed the afternoon courses, made proposals, studied the possible destinations and together we built an itinerary that from Marrakesh would take us close to the border with Algeria and then to the valleys of the Atlas. 1,500 kilometers of tour!

Too bad the Principal informed us that he would not authorize the trip! But by that time, the project was on the move, to my surprise, the families were determined to carry out the task even without the school’s endorsement. So, thanks to their help and participation, the tour took place anyway! On their return they wrote a short report of the trip and the emotions they had felt at seeing the realization of an enterprise they had helped to create.

What emerges is the description of a unique experience of which I am sure that more than 10 years later they still carry an indelible memory in their minds and hearts. . . and if they are reading this, I leave it to them to comment. . . (Please have a look at the most beautiful photos of the trip here and here).

I, in turn, became aware of the huge potential of the project and of course how to implement it. But it could not continue in a context lacking the full support of the school management. I stopped and waited. . . until 2013, when I moved to another institute, this time to a course for Experts in Tourism, and proposed the project again. But even there it wasn't that easy. . .

Here a slideshow of the tour:





Sun, 24 Jan, 2021
Raimondo Norberto Giamberduca