​​​​​​​The first kick-off meeting!

A great start for the Erasmus+ RARE ROUTES project with the kick-off meeting which was held on Google Meet on the 1st and 2nd of February. All the partners of the project were present at the meeting. For Mosè Bianchi in addition to the executive Guido Garlati and the administrative director Anna Labruna, the team who built RARE ROUTES: Norberto Giamberduca, Filena Spadavecchia and Loredana Chiasera attended the meeting.
Also an excellent participation by the ICEI teams with Simone Pettoruso and Francesca Menozzi and Betania with Monica and Fabrizio Pozzoli along with Annalisa Renzi.
From Turkey Evliya Çelebi with the project manager Fatma Akdeniz. From Iceland the Keilir Academy with Arnbjorn Olafsson (Project Coordinator) and Thorir Erlingsson (Project Manager), and Visit Reykyanes with Thuridur Aradottir Braun (Project Manager).

 During the kick-off meeting there was great group affinity and the team already seems to be very close. We can’t wait to meet each other… in person!

The next meeting will unfortunately be online again, it will be held in mid-March for the first period of teacher training on responsible tourism and the Travel Manager Project.


Sun, 07 Mar, 2021
Raimondo Norberto Giamberduca