1st meeting: The basics of Responsible Tourism

On Wednesday March 24th 2021 the first meeting to form the Rare R.O.U.T.E.S. team was held. The meeting was hosted on the Google Meet platform and simultaneously broadcasted on the “Travel Manager Project” YouTube channel. This allowed the students of all three schools to follow it.
This first meeting was centered around defining the word tourism and subsequently the word responsible tourism. There were also two group activities where we could already feel the great affinity among the various members. 
This is how Fabrizio Pozzoli, Betania’s president, described the event which he himself attended.

Italy, Iceland, Turkey, it looks like a soccer triangle!

Well, it is a triangle, it’s an educational, innovative and maybe a little visionary triangle.

The first training activity for the Rare Routes project has finally taken place. A 3 year long Erasmus+ which will provide Responsible Tourism elements and tools, focusing on professions that young students could pursue after school.

Italian, Icelandic and turkish professors assisted and directed by Betania and ICEI have started to enter the complex world of tourism, sharing their personal experiences and feelings.

An abundant month of formation which will open a path to the exchange of knowledge to be able to think differently about tourism by being more careful to people and places.

We are eagerly waiting for the second meeting which will be held on the 31st of March, the main theme will be “Explore and Understand Responsible Tourism”.
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Sun, 25 Apr, 2021
Raimondo Norberto Giamberduca