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The TM Project was born some years ago and since then it has been the pillar of education in Tourism Studies. It allows young people to grow up and dozens of students have been having exciting experiences during their school years.

It develops a number high-level skills for future Tour Operators, tour guides, travel reporters, leading to a path to incentive an entrepreneurial mindset into the field of tourism, to the point that students may create a personal business idea (start-up) ready to be financed as soon as they get their diploma.

Loved and hated, further and contrasted, in these last years the TM project has kept on growing and has contributed to make young people grow, leading students to face unique experiences in the Italian school, preparing them to cope with the world of business or of university studies after the diploma with the skills competences required in today’s world.

This website aims to be a blog meant to tell the story of the project and let you know future initiatives. We hope soon it will also become a useful tool for tourism students to help them in their studies and growth.

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Our Partners

Operating on a global level and with fair and solidary criteria, they are our perfect training company! We are happy that ICEI is helping and guiding us in the development of the Italian school program “Impresa Formativa Simulata” (IFS), which allows students to set up their own business supported by an experienced training company. Thanks to this program we intend to create the “Travel Manager” IFS, which will embrace the many skills and experiences that ICEI has to share with teachers and students participating in the project.

Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile

Along with ICEI, the Italian Association of Responsible Tourism could not be left out! We are honored that the TM project is supported by AITR. AITR has been working for several years to promote, qualify, disseminate, research, update and protect the cultural content and the resulting practical actions related to "responsible tourism". It promotes the culture and practice of Responsible Tourism travel and encourages knowledge, coordination and synergies among its many members.

To train future travel reporters and high-quality tourism advertisers, we needed a partner of excellence in graphics and design. Hence the collaboration with the IED of Milan, that will be responsible for proposing and managing courses in video making and web design. IED is a training system in evolution; a laboratory capable of thinking and rethinking with a clear and shared mission: to offer young with a creative mind a complete preparation, a "Culture of Design" that will go along with them throughout their lives. IED is much more than a School: it is a center where new generation professionals take shape. A hothouse of ideas that develops creativity through the offer of Post diploma, Master and Specialization courses.